Recently, the Los Angeles lakers have been crawling with peace, it looks like they want to introduce the 35-year-old small forward. "The lakers nation" expert Mr. Barry - A. Davis said, peace is a sign of low risk and high return.

Recently, has been a little last week, between the lakers and peace now open training camp nba custom jerseys is getting more and more close, peace is suitable for the lakers? Should say, give peace a position is not too much, this is a low risk and high return.

Many people may believe that peace is 35 years old, to give him a small forward is too waste. But this view is not comprehensive.

First of all, the lakers' nba jerseys china small forward position is not strong. Kobe Bryant is about to begin his 20th season, his many injuries. New season, the lakers hope to no. 3 development, nba jerseys youth which means that his career has been playing point guard kobe Bryant, will need time to adapt to this change. And in addition to kobe Bryant, the lakers 3 only young and rookie Anthony brown, this two people how much power is strong, basic understanding everyone, they are not enough to hold up the no. 3 a man for the job. And peace although older, but he and oil in the tank, he can also play, in China CBA league last season, he averaged 19 nba gear sale points and 6 rebounds and 1.1 assists, 2.3 steals, he said he is one of the best small forwards in the world.

In addition to the hard power, peace is suitable for the lakers' locker room atmosphere. He is a veteran and a former laker, he basketball jerseys for youth have a good china nba jerseys relationship with kobe Bryant. The lakers this year introduced brandon bass, Louis Williams and Roy hibbert led, the introduction of peace that veteran, can stabilize the locker room environment.

In addition, the cheap authentic nba jerseys free shipping biggest advantage is that peace has the ability and willingness to give some guidance for the young players. He has power, also have a voice in the locker room, he enjoys doing Randall, brown and peony, mentor. The experience of peace and the attitude will also affect the young players. If you want to let the young players is to instill into the tenacity and perseverance, especially on the defensive end, that peace is the most suitable guy.

To remind you that peace last in the NBA in the New York knicks, and he averaged only in 13.4 minutes, which means that peace will not be too much to take up young players playing time. If signing him, his greatest contribution is team chemistry and the stability of the dressing room.

Peace fan base is also very good, a lot of lakers fans all like him. Peace even if you don't have competitive value, there is also a very good entertainment value, especially when he played with kobe, the fans will be very like to watch. The lakers currently have 17 players registered, and the NBA rules, training camp can sign 20 players, this means that the lakers have three places; Points a to world peace, is a good choice, low risk and high return, why not?

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